DZ4195 “DZ4195” of the diesel. Barrel type case and the 蓄光 rubber belt of the black stainless steel material. I display it to a black clockface at the position at the position for 24 hours at brand logo, 3:00 at 11:00, and a meter is located at the position at the position between a position for 60 minutes at Kurono needle, 9:00 at open-dating function, 6:00 at position and 5:00 at 4:00. It is the specifications that 蓄光 is given a guidance and an index and can confirm at the dark place. I carve a seal in a brand logo of the diesel to Lew’s and camera back. In addition, the buckle leaves a loss and adopts an expression.

Diesel DIESEL DZ4195 watch watch men
It is 蓄光 rubber belt to a “DZ4195” トノー type case of the diesel. To a clockface, fluorescent paint adopts a taken guidance. As a function, it is equipped with indication, an open-dating function, a chronograph, 60 minutes meter for 24 hours. I keep a loss, and middle, keeping it adopts an expression. In camera back and Lew’s, I carve a seal in a brand logo.
Color Black, black (clockface color) White, white (belt color) About a color
Material Stainless steel (case material) Rubber (belt material) About material
Characteristic Casual watch It is ゴツ Barrel (case form)
Specifications Drive type quartz (battery type) About a drive type
Waterproof 10 standard atmosphere (100m) About waterproofness
An indication method is analog Nakatome hole flagging down type / pin buckle Shelter belt mineral crystal glass 1 function calendar (date) / chronograph /24 time indication /60 share meter 2 function stopwatches About specifications
Dimensions Case size: 52x48x14mm (x side x thickness long) ※I do not include Lew’s in case size. The arm circumference: Approximately 130-200mm Weight: Approximately 82 g Belt width: 30mm Perception width: 24mm ※As for the product of this place, belt exchange is possible. Size adjustment About dimensions
Accessories Exclusive case Instruction manual Certificate (two year) About a guarantee
Classification Classification men (man) watch About classification
Manual Book
Remarks Diesel Box and Manual Use guidance

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