Extreme popularity casual brand DIESEL asymmetric design black X multicolored
Men’s watch diesel man and woman combined use watch DZ1299

To a square face like the diesel,
The watch of the slightly small-sized man and woman combined use type of two steps of stylish clockfaces!
With the purple line of the logo that totally became available like the ribbon of the gift lengthwise,
It is the clock which is stylish even if “3” takes it made a solid.
The refined design which pop coloring shines in on a clockface and a belt unified black.
I can never taste the special design only by the diesel in the others!

Italian extreme popularity casual brand “diesel” of the 1978 establishment of a business.
The novelty and the design with the sense of fun get high support from youths of the world.
Because it is used habitually in not only Europe but also Japan by ViVi model, the popularity is known.

5 standard atmosphere waterproofing
Stainless steel
Leather belt

About H34 X W36 X D10mm
It is the greatest in the arm circumference: Approximately 175mm

Exclusive box

May differ slightly in brightness and color images and real products. Please note.

รายละเอียดเกี่ยวกับสินค้าและราคา คลิ๊กที่รูปเลยค่ะ



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