The diesel which left denim and the company of the wear in Italy in 1978. I win popularity by the design which is full of imagination with boldness and grow up to the measure of the fashion brand now.
It is with the brand of youths liking the gadget which the watch that mind and a design of the diesel were reflected faithfully is individual, and is casual of popularity.

The “LAW COLOR” series using a colorful rubber belt.
With chronograph function, alarm function, timer function, EL backlight
Is equipped with the many functions equipment; to for case retainer
The design which attached the logo plate of the metallic material.
It is unusual in the inversion liquid crystalline dial and diesel that is many functions
I put rubber together and am light and, in the wearing interval, am good,
You can use it regularly together, and man and woman is the coloration like the apparel brand
I was finished to a fashionable watch.

Belt size
(maximum) To approximately 20cm
Main body material
Stainless steel + reinforced plastic
Main body size
45.0mm *38mm (thickness) 13mm
Approximately 57 g
Quartz (battery type)
Digital indication
Chronograph (stopwatch)
Calendar (month, day, day)
Countdown timer
EL backlight
5 standard atmosphere waterproofing
I am belonging to BOX for exclusive use of DIESEL
Instruction manual
International guarantee
Two year guarantee

May differ slightly in brightness and color images and real products. Please note.

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